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What is "Sweet Itch"?
Sweet Itch, or Summer Eczema, is a skin disease caused by allergy to the bites of tiny Culicoides midges. This condition affects sensitive horses, ponies and donkeys. Symptoms include severe itching, hair loss, skin thickening and flaky dandruff. Weeping sores may also occur.

How does the Belly Dickie help?
The Belly Dickie prevents insects from coming in contact with your horse's sensitive belly skin. Many insects including flies, midges and mosquitos rise from the ground under the horse and land on or chomp the first thing they contact, the belly. With the Belly Dickie in place, the insects cannot reach your horse’s belly skin. Any existing condition can heal, and new breakouts will not occur.

How do I acclimate my horse to the harness and Belly Dickie?
Acclimation instructions are shipped with each Belly Dickie, and photographs show exactly how to make your horse comfortable with it. The simple process starts with rubbing your horse with the harness. Once your horse is comfortable with the harness, repeat the procedure with the belly pad. Then put the harness on your horse, attach the belly pad to the right side and then left side. Lastly, connect the center front snap. Your horse is now wearing the Belly Dickie, protecting the sensitive belly from biting insects.

How do I measure my horse to get the right size?
The Belly Dickie is designed to fit horses from 14.0 to 18.0 hands high and over.
Pony size fits horses 14.0 – 14.3 hands high.
Horse size fits horses 15.0 – 15.3 hands high.
Warmblood size fits horses 16.0 – 17.0 hands high.
Draft size fits draft horses 18.0 hands high and over.

If your horse is very large, please call us at (866) 873-9824 so that we can help you measure to ensure a good fit and discuss a custom solution.

Do I need a special fly sheet to use with the Belly Dickie?
We’re happy to say that the original Belly Dickie works with any fly sheet.

I need a variation of the Belly Dickie. Where can I get one?
We’re happy to discuss a special need or a custom solution. Please call us at (866) 873-9824.

Can I pay with a check?
Yes, we accept checks and money orders. Please call (866) 873-9824 for details.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping within the continental United States is a flat rate of $14.

Shipping for international orders is priced according to the country. We ship orders to Australia, Germany, the UK, France, Mexico, and Canada. Please contact us to arrange for shipping your order to another country. Non-US customers are responsible for any customs charges.