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Finding Relief from Sweet Itch

It all started when my horse got Sweet Itch and nothing would cure it.
Jane was miserable. She kept getting bitten by gnats that lived out in the pasture. Every spring, she broke out with lesions and sores that wouldn’t clear up until well into winter.
The gnats tormented Jane, and she itched nonstop. She rubbed her main and tail so forcefully that she had bald patches. I tried fly spray, but Jane was allergic. The drugs and creams that the vet prescribed helped only a little.

A Better Way

I knew there had to be a better way. So I tried making a fly sheet to cover Jane’s belly. I experimented with several designs testing them until I got it just right. The end result is the original Belly Dickie. It fully covered Jane’s belly, protecting her so the gnats couldn’t touch her. When the biting stopped, Jane started to heal.
Today, Jane is completely cured. And for more than ten years, I’ve been helping horses and their owners find relief from Sweet Itch.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The Belly Dickie has made all the difference for horses and the people who love them.

I can't tell you how much the Belly Dickie has helped my mare. Her gnat allergy was literally cured in 2 weeks. Just amazing.

S., Camarillo, CA

Wow! What a difference the Belly Dickie has made for our Haflinger gelding. We've tried every product out there, some helped but none cured him--until now. For the first time since moving to Santa Cruz County, our pony has a scab-free belly! The scarring from years of Culicoides is hardly noticeable. He is smooth and itch-free with new hair growth from his chest to his sheath!

C.M., Felton, CA

I have used the Belly Dickie for a couple of days and I am very impressed!! It has stayed in place perfectly even when Herbie has been charging around the field.

E.R., United Kingdom

Doc's belly looks so much better after having worn his Belly Dickie for the past three weeks. No new insect bites, and he has stopped biting himself. A GREAT product - many thanks!

A.S., Westlake Village, CA

I bought a Belly Dickie earlier this year, and Alvin's belly is 100% cleared up for the first time in over 5 years. After struggling…with huge vet bills, scary diagnoses and having to watch Alvin suffer, this is the first time we've gotten a handle on the problem. Thank you!

E.M., San Francisco, CA

You can help your horse find relief from Sweet Itch.