About Us

At Elite Horse Clothing, we join horse and their owners to create a better quality of life.

Our Story

It all started when my horse, Jane, got Sweet Itch and nothing would cure it.

She was miserable, tormented by gnats and itched nonstop. I tried fly spray, but Jane was allergic. She was rubbing out her main and tail. The drugs and creams that the vet prescribed lessoned her symptoms, but Jane’s belly kept getting bitten by gnats that lived in the pasture, and her skin wouldn’t clear up until well into the winter.

I knew there had to be a better way. So I tried making a fly sheet to cover Jane’s belly. I experimented with several designs testing them on Jane until I found the solution.

The end result is the original Belly Dickie. Jane loves hers!

Today, we're pleased to help you and your horse find relief too.