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What is Sweet Itch?

Sweet Itch is a skin disease* caused by allergy to the bites of tiny Culicoides midges and/or insect saliva. This condition affects sensitive horses, ponies and donkeys.

As a result of Sweet Itch, they experience extreme itching or hives that drive them to distraction. Hair loss, skin thickening, flaky dandruff and weeping sores may also occur. The symptoms do not heal until the insects stop biting, and often times not for months after insect season is over.

Find Relief with the Belly Dickie

The Belly Dickie prevents the insects from contacting the sensitive belly skin, allowing it to start healing immediately.

• The Belly Dickie protects your horse's belly from insects without toxic chemicals.
• The belly, and sheath area for geldings, is protected from insects, with heavy mesh lined in no-see-um netting.
• Horse can wear it all day grazing, running and rolling with no difficulty.
• The sturdy, durable Belly Dickie is washable. Customers have been using it for more than a year, and it lasts!
• The Belly Dickie is more cost-effective than three trips to the vet plus the cost of the drugs and creams to treat the condition over one season, and the Belly Dickie lasts for years. Make life more comfortable for both you and your horse!

*This skin disease is also known as Summer Eczema, Queensland Itch or Ventral Midline Dermatitis